Dakar Rally 2013 Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2013 Dakar Rally

69784_Cyril_Despres__1_2762.jpg Cyril Despres will try to keep KTM's win streak in the Dakar Rally alive.
BarredaStage4.jpg Joan Barreda is the stage four winner of the 2013 Dakar Rally.
Lopez2013Daker3.jpg Francesco "Chaleco" Lopez wins stage 3 from Pisca to Nazca, Peru in this year's Dakar Rally.
BarredaStage2.jpg Joan Barreda wins the Pisco-Pisco stage two of the dakar rally.
PainDakarStage5.jpg Olivier Pain leads the 2013 Dakar Rally after five stages.
LopezStage6Dakar.jpg Chaleco Lopez wins stage six of the Dakar Rally.
DakarStage1Caselli.jpg American off road racer, Kurt Caselli finishes in 32nd in stage one of the Dakar Rally.
CaselliStage7Win.jpg Kurt Caselli rode his factory KTM to victory in stage seven of the Dakar Rally.
barredaDakar8.jpg Joan Barreda wins another stage with his Husqvarna By Speedbrain Husky in today's eighth stage of the Dakar Rally.
despresDakar9.jpg Defending champion Cyril Despres wins the 9th and longest stage of the race.
BarredaDakarStage10.jpg Joan Barreda won stage 10 of the Dakar Rally 2013.
634940227222972261caselliDakar11.jpg Kurt Casselli wins another stage of Dakar! Photography By: M. Maragni/KTM Images
VerhoevenStage12.jpg Yamaha's Frans Verhoeven wins stage 12 of Dakar.
LopezDakar13.jpg Kurt Caselli's engine woes in stage 13 of Dakar allowed Chilean Francisco Lopez to ride to victory.
despreswinsdakar.jpg Cyril Despres wins his 5th Dakar Rally!
CaselliRallyArgentina.jpg Kurt Caselli fifth in stage two of the Desafio Ruta 40 Rally.
CaselliArgentina.jpg Kurt Caselli won his first international rally in Argentina.
MoroccoRallyGoncalves.jpg Paulo Goncalves leads the Morocco Rally after four stages.