2013 ISDE Photo Gallery

A look at the 2013 ISDE

opening-cover.jpg Opening ceremonies in Sardinia kick off the 2013 ISDE.
duvall-cover.jpg Thad DuVAll
taylor-cn-cover.jpg Taylor Robert
635162130050498680brown-cn-cover.jpg Mike Brown
duvall-box-cover.jpg Thad DuVAll
nick-cn-cover.jpg Nick Fahringer
13ISDEd3_AndrewDelong.jpg Andrew Delong rolls along during the 88th ISDE in Sardinia. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHAN MOORE
635163985846486581nick-cn-cover.jpg Nick Fahringer
day5-cn-cover.jpg Kailub Russell
635164703491597789day5-cn-cover.jpg Kailub Russell
podium-cn-001.jpg 2013 ISDE Podium