Kawasaki releases Z900RS Teaser Video

Rennie Scaysbrook | September 8, 2017

Kawasaki has just unveiled the world’s shortest and most hipster-fueled teaser video for their new Z900RS.

Those with even the slightest bit of motorcycle history knowledge will doubtless see the lineage of the new bike, that of the granddaddy of superbikes, the Z1 900 of 1972.

The new Z900RS uses the futuristic Z900 as its starting point and does away with the futuristic bodywork in exchange for retro styling and colors. The 948cc engine comes from the Z900, but it’ll probably come in for a bit of a retune and it’s even got some fake cooling fins atop the cylinder head (this is a liquid-cooled bike, after all). It’s also likely we’ll see the same suspension and brakes as the Z900, but it’s not confirmed if Kawasaki will go full-on retro and bring the Z900RS to market with ultra-cool spoked alloy wheels.

The Z900RS will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25 and the U.S. market will get its first taste of the bike at the New York IMS on December 1.


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