WorldSBK Director Clarifies New Direction

Gordon Ritchie | July 8, 2017

WorldSBK Series Director Dani Carrera speaks on the proposed new rules

Dani Carrera believes the future rules for WorldSBK lie somewhere between the current rules and a full spec series.

After some outspoken media comments from overall Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta in the run-up to the Laguna Seca weekend, the WorldSBK Series Director Dani Carrera gave some clarification of what will probably really happen in the USA.

Ezpeleta’s comments—that WorldSBK should become a more or less stock class—appear to be more of a guidance for where to go than any kind of declaration that Superbike will be a Superstock only class, and very soon at that.

“It is just the intention to give a clear direction of where we want to go,” said Carrera of what has been reported in the media from Ezpeleta.

“This does not mean we will land in a completely stock, standard spec. I think between the completely standard rules there is a line in the middle, and this is the work that Scott Smart, the Technical Director from the FIM together with Gregorio Lavilla, are trying to define—having conversations with manufacturers and teams. So, we are getting close to be able to prepare a set of rules, or a proposal, that will go to the SBK Commission to try to see what can be implemented for next year, and what things can be implemented in the near future. But the clear direction to go in is a simpler spec to bring other bikes competing on the track closer to the products on the street. That is the DNA of our championship and that is the way to put a new limit for the level of performance that will allow all manufacturers and all teams to have a level of performance that nowadays we see that only two or four bikes are able to achieve.”


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