Meet the world’s most bad ass scooter

Rennie Scaysbrook | March 17, 2017

Ghost in the Shell NM4 looks insane!

Honda has just released this photo of the heavily modified NM4 Vultus that Scarlett Johansson will ride in the upcoming anime/sci-fi thriller, Ghost in the Shell.

The bike starts off as a standard NM4 but basically gets turned into a sportbike with rearset pegs, a total bodywork transplant and what looks like hub center steering.

NM4 bike
Seriously, this thing looks wild!

The 745cc parallel-twin NM4 was already a pretty gnarly looking scooter/cruiser/whatever you’d like to call it, but this version is certainly a cut above what you and I can buy at our local Honda dealer.

In the trailer above, the bike appears very briefly at the 1:26 mark. Hopefully Honda sees fit to make this thing a reality, because it looks absolutely stunning. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

NM4 standard bike
And this is what a standard NM4 looks like! A bit of a difference…'

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