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Cycle News Staff | December 15, 2016

Here are some of the latest videos available in NTSC format from Duke Videos.

Rainey’s Year $14.99

Rainey's Year - 1992 The Inside Story DVD

Triple World Champion Wayne Rainey recalls the challenges, memorable moments and dramas of the 1992 season.

From preseason testing to relaxing at his new Californian home after the final race, our cameras trace every stage of his victorious year.  Find out how he and his team prepare, both mentally and physically, for the ever more demanding GP circus. After a bad start to the season, they faced an almost impossible task in the second half.

Rainey and his friend and manager Kenny Roberts outline the strategies and tactics which helped them to victory at the final rounds, as our cameras take you behind the scenes at Team Roberts’ HQ.  Featuring all the great moments of Rainey’s season including the race which he considers his hardest ever this is your guide to what really makes him tick.

Schwantz World Champion  $14.99

Few riders have ever worked so hard, enjoyed so much popularity or provided so much entertainment as Kevin Schwantz.

The hard talking, hard riding Texan finally achieved his life’s ambition in 1993, rewarding his legions of loyal fans after eight years of trying. This program was put together to tell the tale of Schwantz’s long struggle to the title.

Recapping the highlights of his career, it also shows a lot of what Kevin got up to in his spare time; driving a Bugatti 200mph supercar, golfing with his ‘interesting’ friends and also discussing the more serious side of his profession.

His family also make contributions to the film alongside his Lucky Strike Suzuki team to give a real picture of what made the man behind the #34 plate tick.

World Enduro 2016 FIM World Championship: Official Review   $16.99

Defending champion Eero Remes was the stand out E1 rider in a year of world-class Enduro dominated by stars including Danny McCanney, Nathan Watson and the outgoing Ivan Cervantes.

Tasmania’s Matthew Phillips proved too hot to handle in the E2 class, amassing an impressive tally of wins on his Sherco against strong oppositions from Matthias Bellino, Loïc Larrieu and KTM’s Taylor Robert. In the big E3 class Britain’s Steve Holcombe was the steamroller no-one could stop, indeed there were only four legs he didn’t win across the whole season. Johnny Aubert of France and Manuel Monni found a similar level of consistency, if not of success.

On the Official Review you’ll find highlights of each round, including for Enduro GP as the action moves from the opening round in Morocco, through countries including Portugal, Greece, Finland, Sweden and Spain to the finale in France.

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