Product Showcase: Aerostich DIY Garment Care

Cycle News Staff | June 17, 2014


Aerostich DIY Garment Care Products

As a result of newly completed testing results obtained by by technicians at Gore-Tex, laundry and care guidelines for Gore-Tex textile gear has been revised. The new recommended laundering procedures help jackets, pants and one-piece garments function better in extreme and severe conditions and also last longer. Aerostich has several do-it-yourself kits, including the Nikwax TX Direct Wash-in Repellent, Nikwax Tech Wash Liquid Soap, and Aerostich Waterwerks Kit.

Nikwax TX Direct Wash-in Repellent $12

(Pictured above, left) Effective wash-in re-waterproofing treatment for all breathable waterproof clothing. It saturates the stitching, fabric and zippers, whether hand or machine washed.

Nikwax Tech Wash Liquid Soap $10

(Pictured above, right) A non-detergent, biodegradable liquid soap specially formulated for the laundering of outdoor fabrics, as it does not interfere with the waterproof/breathable qualities of laminated fabrics. It also preps the fibers to accept NikWax’s Wash-In Waterproofer.

Aerostich Waterwerks Kit $27

Care for garments that get extended exposure in severe conditions. The kit Includes repellent (two NikWax TX Direct Wash-In), one tube of Seam Grip Seam Sealer, instructions for upgrading or extending the water repellency of breathable/waterproof fabrics, and improving Roadcrafter main zippers water resistance.