Honda Introduces 2015 CRF450R: FIRST LOOK

Cycle News Staff | June 3, 2014

The 2015 Honda CRF450R offers more adjustability.

Honda revealed its 2015 CRF450R motocrosser, which features more adjustability and a new cylinder head.

Here’s what Honda has to say about its new CRF450R:

The CRF450R incorporates numerous changes throughout the engine for 2015 to yield higher performance, added durability and an extra level of tuning adjustability to match track conditions.

The 2015 CRF450R gets an Engine Mode Selection button, so you can easily toggle through three different settings right from the handlebar.

An innovative Engine Mode Select button — an industry first among motocross machines — allows the rider to easily select one of three different EFI/ignition maps. An HRC accessory tuning tool can be used to program custom maps actuated by the Engine Mode Select button. A new cylinder head — easily identified by its right-side exhaust port — and new exhaust system plus revised fuel and ignition timing settings for the Dual-Timing PGM-FI fuel injection help generate more top-end power and added overrev, and peak power now hits higher than before.

The PSF fork now has high/low compression and rebound damping adjustments.

A new KYB PSF air fork with high/low compression and rebound damping adjustments offers wider adjustability and delivers improved suspension action.

New front/rear wave-style rotors with a larger 260mm front brake disc add to overall braking performance.

MSRP has not yet been determined, but the CRF450R will be available in September.

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