AMA Pro Racing Talks About Road America Incident

Cycle News Staff | June 5, 2014

The following is from AMA Pro Racing…

In light of the recent event at Road America where some of our officiating procedures were called into question, AMA Pro Racing would like to reiterate to our competitors, our partners, our tracks and all of our stakeholders that safety always has been paramount to our business model. Suggestions to the contrary are reckless and misinformed, ignoring the long-standing history of AMA Pro Racing and the integrity of the individuals involved in the Daytona Motorsports Group.

 Faced with inclement weather at Road America, we followed our rulebook to the letter, in the interest of rider safety and fair competition. We know we made the right, rules-based decisions in running an event that was challenging for everyone at the racetrack that day.

Moving forward, we will continue to operate our races with safety at the forefront within our established competition rules and, as always, we will continue to review our ongoing procedures with our riders and teams.