11th Annual Big Air Kids Fair A Big Success – Again

Kit Palmer | May 28, 2014

(Left to right) Blake Baggett, Justin Bogle and Wil Hahn had a good time at today’s 11th Annual Big Air Kid’s Fair. Photography by Kit Palmer

LOMA LINDA, CA, MAY 28 – Some of the biggest stars in motocross took time out from their midweek training and practice schedule to attend the 11th Annual Big Air Kid’s Fair at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in California, today. Some of those in attendance included three AMA 250 National Motocross and Supercross Champions: 2012 outdoor champ Blake Baggett, 2013 East Supercross Champion Wil Hahn and 2014 East Supercross champ Justin Bogle. Also taking part was former motocrosser and now Ironman racer Ricky James and motocrosser/X Games medalist Sarah Price. Opee the motocross dog was also lapping up the fun.

Baggett makes a new fan.

The event, founded by former MX racer and enthusiast Steve Bauer, has become something the young patients and their parents and the staff of the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital look forward to very much every year. The highlight of the event is the Freestyle Motocross demonstration held right outside the hospital’s main entrance, where those who are able, come outside and get a close-up look at all of the thrilling jumping action. Those who are unable to get outside can get a birds-eye view of the riders flying past their hospital room windows.

  Ricky James signs autographs.

Ricky James is a regular at the Big Air Kid’s Fair.

This year’s show was headed by Freestylers Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Wes Agee, among others.

Following the FMX demonstration, Fitzpatrick, Agee, Baggett, Hahn, Bogle, James and the others, spent a couple of hours taking a tour inside the hospital, where they got the chance to meet many of the kids and their families which brought big-time smiles to everyone’s faces, as this event always does.

Many companies in the motorcycle industry donated gifts that were handed out to the patients.

Once again, this year’s event was a huge success, “one of the best ones ever,” said Bauer.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick was one of the FMX performers.


Even Opee was on hand. As you can image, he was a big hit with the kids.

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