Unique Trophies For Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas

Cycle News Staff | April 8, 2014

Riders who are fortunate enough to finish in the top three in the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas will leave Texas with some pretty special trophies with the wood from those trophies actually coming from trees damaged in the Bastrop, Texas, fire that occurred in September and October of 2011.

Blackout Signs and Metalworks have made the trophies for COTA for the second straight year. The company obtained the wood from the trees – loblolly pine – that lined the main roads at the entrance to the park and were killed by the fire.

“We chose this wood as an homage to the spirit of those who lost everything in the fire, to honor their strength and grit to rebuild and ‘get on with it’ – scars and all,” said Jay Gordon.  “Thusly, the wood reflects these scars with unique markings caused by the intensity of the flames and fire. We chose to showcase the rebirth of this wood and its scarred beauty into a hard-fought and won trophy.”