Cal Crutchlow Questionable For Argentine Grand Prix

Andrea Wilson | April 19, 2014
Cal Crutchlows hand injury makes him questionable for Argentine Grand Prix. Photography By Gold   Goose

Photography By Gold & Goose

Ducati’s Cal Crutchlow is questionable for the upcoming Argentine MotoGP next weekend due to a hand injury suffered in a crash during the Grand Prix of the Americas.

Crutchlow had issues with his rear tire last weekend at the Circuit of The Americas and had to pit in around nine laps into the race to change out the tire. For Crutchlow, it went from bad to worse when he crashed on the new tire and his leg got caught in the wheel, making for a very ugly, hard crash.

In light of that, Crutchlow ended up with just the hand injury. The hand injury ultimately required surgery and has become an issue because of swelling. So although Crutchlow is hopeful to be back to action next week, the swelling in his hand has the Brit wondering if he will be fit for next week.

“My hand is very sore and not too sure if it’s possible to be ready for Argentina,” Crutchlow said. “I had a pin put in my right little finger, but the problem is swelling of knuckles at the minute. Hopefully it will get better by next week.”


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