Product Showcase: Ride Core Tracking Device

Cycle News Staff | March 20, 2014

The all-new Ride Core system is a GPS-enabled device that contains a three-axis accelerometer, security system and GSM/GPRS module all built into a compact, weatherproof unit. These components work together to detect location, movement, speed, shock, tilt and ignition status. This information can be accessed from a smartphone or computer, enabling users to track their rides, receive early warning security alerts, playback rides, see bike stats and more. It requires a monthly data plan to be fully functional.
  • Ride employs a cloud-based server-to-device architecture so that you can securely access your Ride data from any device, anywhere.
  • Record Rides, access previous ride stats, send security commands, check maintenance reminders, and monitor your bike remotely.
  • Capture your ride, route, distance, and speed. Add notes and photos along the way, and then upload them on the go to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • View your bike’s location, wherever you are. Receive stats about your bike’s battery, status, ignition and tire pressure with the optional TPM add-on.
  • In the case of theft, activating emergency mode will generate a PIN number that you can give to the police. The police can then log in with that PIN and immediately locate the stolen vehicle.
  • Ride Core starting from $219. Data plans start at $10.95 a month.

Ride: An Introduction from Ride Scorpio on Vimeo.


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