MotoGP: New Color System For 2014 Tires

Cycle News Staff | March 7, 2014
New tire color scheme for the 2014 MotoGP season:  green  extra-soft   white  soft   black  medium  and  red  hard.

Bridgestone has announced that it will use a new color marking system for the tire walls of the four different slick compounds available for the 2014 MotoGP season. Previously the series’ spec-tire company only marked the softer tire option with a white stripe regardless of the compound.

Now the new color scheme will be as follows: Green – extra-soft compound; White – soft compound; Black – medium; Red – hard.

With the different tire allocation for the Factory and Open class in MotoGP, the color coding will help fans know what riders are running what tire option over the race weekend.

The older white strip system will still be in place for rain tires as there are only two options available.

“Last year, when our marking system used the white stripe to denote the softer option for each class, the audience needed to know if a rider was a Factory or CRT bike to know which compound was being used,” Bridgestone’s Hiroshi Yamada said via a release. “Now, even if our audience doesn’t necessarily know the difference between a Factory and Open class bike, by matching distinct colors to each of our tire compounds they will be able to tell the exact tire choice of each rider.

 “We must also consider that the growing popularity of MotoGP means more and more new fans are tuning in to watch races. And we feel that this new system will make it easier to understand the riders’ tire choice and add an extra dimension to the MotoGP coverage.”