Indy Supercross Truce for Broc Tickle and Mike Alessi

Larry Lawrence | March 1, 2014

Photography by Larry Lawrence

Both Broc Tickle and Mike Alessi said they were ready to move on after the controversial collision between the two in Atlanta last week.

In case you missed it: during their heat race in Atlanta, Alessi was chasing Tickle and midway into a turn Alessi center punched Tickle, sending both riders to the ground and ultimately to the semis. Afterwards, Alessi called it “just a racing incident”, however, AMA/FIM race officials thought otherwise.

After the race, the AMA fined Alessi $4000 and put him on probation for the remainder of the season

For his part Tickle said he was ready to move on and would not be looking for payback this weekend in Indy.

“For me that’s last weekend and I honestly don’t even want an apology really because I feel it should have been done already,” Tickle said. “You can just watch the video and I think the public can make their own decision. 90 percent of people will come to the same conclusion.

“I was riding really well last weekend and I’m looking to get back to that here in Indy.”

Tickle said he was banged up a bit from the crash, but went on to say, “It’s nothing more than what every rider out there experiences in Supercross. I feel like I’m back to 100 percent. ”

Alessi said the reason he hadn’t talked to Tickle is because the AMA specifically asked them to not have contact in order to let things cool down.

“It was an incident and we’re going to try to get past it and focus on this weekend,” Alessi said. “That’s the task for both of us.”

Alessi admitted the mistake was all his.

“It was just a stupid move on my part, trying to force a pass that was not going to happen,” Alessi said. “It was a bad outcome and hopefully it’s water under the bridge and we can move on here tonight in Indianapolis.”

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