Product Showcase: ICON 1000 Spring 2014 Preview

Cycle News Staff | February 13, 2014

The ICON 1000 spring 2014 lineup is coming February 21.

The ICON 1000 line is a subcollection within the greater ICON line that was launched in spring of 2012, and it is expanding the lineup this spring with four new jackets, four helmet designs, and a pair of jeans with Kevlar interwoven into the denim.

The ICON side will also feature two new jackets, three helmet designs, and a new video.

Stay tuned to Cycle News for more specifics and visit for more information about the upcoming lineup and also to see the latest 1000 custom bikes, such as this Triumph Speedmaster featured in the video below.

From ICON: The ICON 1000 Speedmaster is the second collaboration between ICON Motorsports and Triumph North America. Crafted in the ICON garage on the stout chassis of a 2013 Triumph Speedmaster, she was a vertical twin of known repute. While her finned cylinders spoke the refined language of an air-cooled era, the twin fork-mounted nitrous bottles shouted in the most egregious modern slang.

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