New Dunlop MX32 and MX52 Motocross Tires Have Arrived

| February 14, 2014
Cycle News tester Jason Abbott gives the new Dunlop MX32 Geomax tires a try on the 2014 Yamaha YZ450F.

Cycle News tester Jason Abbott gives the new Dunlop MX32 Geomax tires a try on the 2014 Yamaha YZ450F. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON CUDBY

Now you can fit your motocross bike with the same Dunlop tires that some of the stars of the sport, such as Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, James Stewart and Ken Roczen, have been using for about a year now. The new Dunlop MX32 and MX52 Geomax tires are here and available to the public. We got the chance to try them out recently when Dunlop introduced the all-new rubber to the media at Milestone MX Park in California.

Incorporating Dunlop’s latest knobby technology, these two tires will replace the MX31, MX51 and MX71 Geomax versions while covering a significantly wider range of terrain than the previous three.

The MX32 covers soft to intermediate terrain, while the MX52 excels in intermediate- to hard-terrain conditions. The Geomax began life as a top pro race tire and with input from the AMA Pro Supercross and Motocross racers over the past few years, Dunlop was able to develop an all-new tire and now makes them available to the public.

Used by racers such as Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, James Stewart and Ken Roczen, the prototype version of the Geomax MX32 and MX52 front and rear tires have already piled up 62 overall wins, 55 holeshots and 187 podium in AMA MX and Supercross, according to Dunlop. Both the front and rear MX32 and MX52 share the new Dunlop design features. Dunlop’s new patented Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT), or “block within a block” design, is said to give more progressive cornering action and aid in slide control. For a smoother ride, enhanced feel and improve cornering action, Dunlop used an Enhanced Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS), aka “tuned carcass flexibility,” from recesses placed along the tire carcass.  A redesigned sidewall construction with a controlled rebound rubber element is said to help “damp out the bounce” to give the tire a better flow with the track surface and improve feel through the whoops.

The new Dunlop MX32  soft through intermediate terrain  and MX52  intermediate through hard terrain  feature new block within a block technology for improved bite.

The new Dunlop MX32 (soft through intermediate terrain) and MX52 (intermediate through hard terrain) feature new “block within a block” technology for improved bite. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON CUDBY

Exclusive to the MX32 line is the multiple block distribution and varying pitches and angles of the rear tire blocks and staggered middle blocks and alternating mid shoulder knobs of the front tire, both aimed at increasing grip and feel. The Chiseled shoulder block of the front MX32 increases overall side grip. The elimination of the tie-bar design in both of the MX32s is said to improve feel and performance in sandy/muddy conditions. The MX52 rear you’ll see staggered center blocks in order to spread the load and help with impact dampening and stability. The MX52 front features a unique tread block distribution with knob design, pattern and knob construction made to work in one direction for added feel.

On the track we were impressed with the overall feel and increased traction of the MX32 and MX52 over the old Geomax models. We started out with the MX32 front and rear combo, which feel very connected to the track even providing a smoother ride especially up front where you felt less feedback in the bars. The amount of traction was impressive in both soft and hard, as well as freshly watered hard-packed surfaces, as we experienced minimal slide and traction loss. The tire had a solid feel and a predictable ride, boosting the rider’s confidence – you always knew what the tire was going to do in a variety of conditions. We fitted out 2014 Yamaha YZ450F with the new rubber and was expecting improved front-end feel. The MX32 front definitely delivered. Cornering feel and performance was very noticeable and so much better that way actually had to adjust suspension settings to compensate.

Dunlop introduced the new tires to the media at Milestone MX Park in California.

Dunlop introduced the new tires to the media at Milestone MX Park in California.


The front end felt noticeably more glued to the corners.

Out back the rear MX32 was also equally impressive offering a smooth feel and providing plenty of grip on both loose and hard conditions.

We installed the MX52s on a 2014 Kawasaki KX250F and the results were the same – tons of traction and great feel. The rear MX52 performed as advertised on the hard-packed conditions, where it kept rubber on the ground down the straights and had minimal slide through corners. The MX52 front tire had solid predictable feel in the corners, but we seemed to feel more feedback in the bars and more movement than the MX32.

Overall, both models performed better than any other Dunlop tire we’ve ever used. We were impressed to say the least. We anxious to spend more time with the new MX32 and 52 Dunlops and see how they hold up and perform over time.

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By Jason Abbott