King of the Motos: Cody Webb – King Again!

| February 3, 2014


Beta’s Cody Webb conquered one of the most gnarly, extreme enduros in North America for a second straight year. The King of the Motos changed up the format for 2014 to include a day of qualifying and two separately timed loops on race day—the second even more difficult than the first, which really separated the men and women from the kiddies.

Webb’s win was by far not a cake walk as Taylor Robert bested Webb’s time on the first loop by over a minute, but on loop two, Webb was able to stretch out to an early lead while Robert, Colton Haaker, Graham Jarvis, and Kyle Redmond swapped the runner-up spot the entire time. Haaker was docked for missing a check during the first loop and was not scored in the overall. The final order based on the combined quickest time on both loops was Webb, Robert, then Jarvis.

Some of the other top riders that had issues included Cory Graffunder, who nursed his bike to the finish after a massive oil leak and Kailub Russell, who did not finish the second loop.

Of the 80 riders that started the day, just over half finished the entire course during the allotted checkpoint closing times. Only two sportsman riders and one team finished the entire course before the 5pm finish line closing time.

2014 King of the Motos Pro/Expert

1.     Cody Webb

2.     Taylor Robert

3.     Graham Jarvis

4.     Kyle Redmond

5.     Noah Kepple

6.     Mitch Carvolth

7.     Kale Elworthy

8.     Ty Tremaine

9.     Travis Coy

10.   Peter Weiss


By Scott Hoffman