Product Showcase: BMW Motorrad 2014 Collection

Cycle News Staff | November 7, 2013

BMW Motorrad 2014 Collection Rider’s Equipment is ready. Here are a handful of the hundreds of BMW Motorrad offerings you can get from your local dealer.

The 2014 includes several helmets, such as these two, the BMW AirFlow 2 helmet (above left) and the BMW Race (above right).

The 2014 lineup includes beachwear for him and her. The shorts have a polyester-mesh lining in white down to the mid-thigh. Made of a 50-percent mix of cotton and nylon in blue. The Logo bikini in blue and white includes a printed BMW Motorrad inscription. The latest AirShell Jacket (pictured above, right) includes new NPL protectors, developed for optimum ergonomics with a design that boosts wear comfort as well as offering outstanding impact absorption.

The NPL protectors are also in the Five Pocket Trousers. These denim pants resemble a casual pair of jeans but are in fact fully-fledged motorcycle trousers. The 2014 catalog includes plenty of off-the-bike gear, too, such as these his or her BMW Logo Vests.

The AirFlow Summer Gloves are vented and are extremely light. The brand-new AirFlow Boot Covers are handy for when the weather sudden turns. These waterproof and dirt-repellent boot covers with sealed seams can also be worn over other footwear.

Flexibly equipped for all kinds of weather, the StreetGuard touring suit can be used in all weathers, from the depths of winter to the heat of summer. Numerous clever extras and comfort features make the StreetGuard versatile for the dedicated rider.The Ride Hat helmet cap is made of thin, elasticated polyamide with 18-percent elasthane, it protects the helmet from perspiration, is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Just for fun, we found a couple of videos from BMW for your entertainment:

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