Jeremy McGrath Talks Valencia MotoGP

Andrea Wilson | November 10, 2013

With the championship on the line here at Valencia, MotoGP fans are flocking to the track in droves from around the world. Included in that bunch is Mr. Nac Nac himself – Jeremy McGrath. We had a chance to speak with McGrath about the experience here and get his pick for the championship.

So Jeremy you’re a big MotoGP fan. What’s it like to be here at Valencia for the big race?

It’s exciting. I mean for me I am a huge MotoGP fan. Of course I’ve been to the races at home, but its kind of been on the bucket list to go to a race in Europe. So I had the opportunity to go and I took it. I’m glad to be here for sure.

I came with the Monster guys and we’ve been doing some Monster stuff with [Valentino] Rossi. It’s been a really fun couple of days so far.

You couldn’t have picked a better one… At the Spanish or Italian Grands Prix the atmosphere is really incredible with all the fans.

Yeah. It’s neat how the track is… it’s kind of like a road race Supercross, this track, because it’s kind of small and tight. I’m sure the riders probably think it’s a little bit small, but it’s nice how it’s pretty much all right in front of you. You can see it all. I like that.

You have a pick for the championship?

Yeah I have a pick. I want a Honda to win. It’s really neat to see [Marc] Marquez just ripping like he does. He’s just awesome. So you know, I’d say I like his style. I mean, I’m a huge… Rossi’s my guy. For sure he’ll always be my guy, but for the championship I’m hoping Marquez gets it done.






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