First Look: Nuviz Ride: HUD – Heads Up Display For Motorcyclists

Paul Carruthers | November 15, 2013

The experience of riding your motorcycle will likely change in the summer of 2014. That’s when – for what will likely come with a $599 price tag – you will have access to all the information you’ll ever need – right in your peripheral vision, thanks to “the world’s first see-through heads-up display for motorcyclists.”

Called the Nuviz Ride: HUD, the display comes via a compact helmet-mounted accessory that retrofits to the chin bar of a full-face helmet and offers a transparent digital display in the rider’s field of vision. In simple terms, you’ll have access to on-board navigation, telemetry, weather and bike data without having to take your eyes off the road. It’s like Google Glass – only for your helmet.

Want to share you ride with others? The Ride: HUD can do that as well with the additional feature of an on-board camera for HD photos and videos. Want more than that? Synch it with your smartphone and you’ll have voice communication and music playback.

Of course, all of this will come with an App that will serve as a social platform that will connect Ride: HUD users.

San Diego, California-based Nuviz is a joint venture between Holoeye Systems and APX Labs.

“We thought, ‘If we do it for helmets in the military, why not do it for helmets in the commercial realm?’ ” said Nuviz CEO Malte Laass. “And who wears helmets? Motorcyclists. From a personal side, we’re very eager to introduce our capabilities to something we all enjoy doing.”

The Ride: HUD is an external accessory – meaning you put it on the helmet of your choice. Since the unit mounts externally to the chin bar, it also means you can swap it out between different helmets. And the unit is all controlled via a handlebar swich.

According to Nuviz, the Ride: HUD will have a three-four hour battery life.

For more information, visit Nuviz’ website at

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