Cycle News Staff | November 6, 2013

A naked Superbike? Most aren’t exactly super, but this one just may be. How about a partially naked version of the BMW S1000RR?

That’s what BMW has introduced at the EICMA Show in Milan, Italy in the form of the S1000R – a Superbike in… well, a Superbike in no clothing. Or at least very little clothing.

But it’s all Superbike inside with 160 horsepower in a 456-pound package that features all the goodies of the S1000RR – Race ABS, ASC and a choice of two riding modes.

BMW engineers took the S1000RR’s 999cc four-cylinder in-line powerplant and increased the low and mid-range power and torque in an effort to make it “punchy” all through the rpm range. They also increased the redline by 2000 rpm and it now makes its 160 hp at 11,000 rpm and its peak torque of 83 foot pounds at 9250 rpm. Up to 7500 rpm, this version makes 7 foot pounds more torque than the S1000RR, according to BMW.

ASC (Automatic Stability Control), Race ABS and a choice of two riding modes come as standard equipment with a Pro-level riding mode and DTC available as options. In stock form, the new BMW comes with “Rain” and “Road” modes that cater to different road surface conditions using different power and torque curves.

The engine sits in an aluminum alloy perimeter frame and, like its sibling RR, the bike gets an adjustable upside-down fork and a dual-sided swingarm with an adjustable central spring strut. The bike also gets a slight change in geometry from the RR.

The R model’s cockpit gets an LC display with analog tach and the instrumentation gives plenty of data – from gear display and riding mode display to a lap timer. For optimal gear changes, there’s also an individually programmable shift indicator light.

The bike also gets a unique aluminum fuel tank for weight savings.

The R model will be available in three colors: Racing red non-metallic; Frozen dark blue metallic; and Light white non-metallic paintwork.


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