Colin Edwards Ready For Baja 1000

Cycle News Staff | November 5, 2013
  The logo for Edwards Baja team for 2013.

With his last Boot Camp in the books and one round left in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship, NGM Mobile Forward’s Colin Edwards has one more thing to check off his list for 2013 – the 46th annual SCORE Baja 1000.

The former World Superbike Champion and his Team Texas Tornado Boot Camp teammates will head south to Mexico after his return from Valencia this weekend to take Baja, November 14-17.

For nearly 20 years, Edwards and his friend and Boot Camp director Mike Myers have dreamed of racing Baja and now the time is near.

“When we ran out of stories around the fire at the Boot Camp, I knew it was time for a new adventure,” Myers said. “So I said, ‘let’s start with something small like the 1000.’ Thanks to Colin and the team for helping get this project off the ground. Here’s to finishing the race in style.”

In order to deal with past safety issues, SCORE has adopted a new format for this year’s race with the motorcycles starting a full day ahead of the trophy trucks.   Also, for the first-time ever, “Pro-Class motos” will be qualifying for starting position and this includes Edwards’ Team TTBC in the Pro-Class 21. Scheduled to start on November 14 at 11 p.m. in downtown Ensenada, this event is projected to draw close to 250,000 race fans into the streets.

In just a few days’ time, with the backing of Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A. and additional sponsors, the “Boot Camp Six” will be hitting the Mexican trail and officially “pre-running” the mapped 2013 race-course.

Guiding Edwards’ and team on their pre-run will be Team Race For The Wounded, a grass-roots non-profit organization comprised of former United States military veterans. Their mission – aiding wounded U.S. combat vets through extreme off-road competition.

Completing this challenging race is Team TTBC’s ultimate goal. Appropriately, Edwards will be picking up the last-leg of the 1000 and leading Team TTBC to the finish line. 

Along with his rag-tag bunch of Texans, soon the Tornado will be storming through the Baja Peninsula – Edwards, Myers, Prussiano, Bodak, Scherb, and Fouchek – each representing the Texas Tornado Boot Camp.

“Really looking forward to the six of us, all of the instructors of the Boot Camp, on this adventure,” Edwards said. “We’ve been talking about this race for years and years, and it’s finally coming true. All of the preparation and hard work, especially on Mike’s side of things. All of the long hours he’s put in, logistically, to put this thing together while I’ve been away traveling and racing all year.  Looking forward to finally getting there and doing it. We did 500 miles on our pre-run last month, but I won’t see my section until I go racing. Really, I’m just so looking forward to stop talking about it and let’s go racing.”