2013 ISDE: Rekluse Rides to the Podium

Press Release | October 18, 2013

The following is from Rekluseā€¦

Sardegna, Italy (October 14, 2013) – Professional Rekluse riders around the world competed in the 2013 ISDE Six Days event.

Rekluse-equipped riders found success within each of the top three World Trophy finishing teams: France, USA and Italy. These riders utilized Rekluse Core EXP auto-clutches and Rekluse Core Manual clutches to tackle the rocky, technical terrain that defines ISDE racing.

With 630 racers representing 36 countries, the competition was nothing less than fierce. Each day put riders through 6 hours of racing, 1 hour of special tests and 250km of course length. Competitors with the best athleticism and equipment were those who ended up on top of the podium.

Notable finishers include:

Jeremy Joly (Team France) 2nd place E1 class – Rekluse

Ryan Sipes (Team USA) 1st place C2 Class – Rekluse

Maurizio Micheluz (Team Italy) 1st place C1 Class – Rekluse

Mike Brown (Team USA) 2nd place E3 class – Rekluse

Kailub Russell (Team USA) 3rd place E2 class – Rekluse

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