Santa Rosa Mile Canceled

Cycle News Staff | September 29, 2013

SANTA ROSA, CA (Sept. 29, 2013) — The Santa Rosa Mile AMA Grand National has been canceled.

Every effort was made to run the race, and in fact, the main event was started, but when Sammy Halbert crashed bringing out a red flag, the riders told racing officials that conditions were too wet to race safely.

After a day of qualifying races, a light mist came over the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. After some delay the Pro Singles event was started, but a red flag stopped that race and then the light rain began again. After a long delay, and in fading light, there was an attempt to run the Grand National. Bryan Smith led the race on lap two when Halbert crashed bringing out the red flag.

Sticky mud and sand covered all the riders and they huddled with officials with the majority saying the spray being kicked up would make it far too dangerous to race, so the event was canceled in interest of safety.

What that means is the series is now down to one race. The finale at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona, California, on October 12, will determine the No. 1 plate.