Fall 2013 Race Tech Technical Edge Suspension Seminars

Press Release | September 17, 2013

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Race Tech still has seats available for the Fall Technical Edge Suspension Seminars hosted by co-author of the Motorcycle Suspension Bible; Paul Thede.  These seminars are perfect for anyone looking to learn more about suspension and tuning.

These seminars are great for:

Dealers looking to increase profits of their service department, foot traffic through their doors, and improve customer satisfaction.  Some RT installers are including suspension upgrades with over 75% of new model sales!

Current Suspension Tuners commonly attend these seminars to stay up to date with the latest technology.  The Technical Edge Seminars teach everything from vintage to the most modern suspension including PSF, SFF, and BPF technology.  These seminars have been attended by many of the motorcycle industry’s most notable tuners, NASA engineers, and even OEM engineers.

Race Team Technicians are always looking for an edge in a very competitive field.  Many race teams have dedicated suspension tuners, and adding a specialized skill to your resume will certainly give you an advantage.Graduates from Race Tech’s Technical Edge Seminars can be found working for riders around the professional pits.

Dads, Moms, Riders and Mechanics can gain an advantage by learning how suspension works, proper testing procedures, and how to setup a motorcycle for varying conditions.  After only a couple of revalves on your own or your riders bikes and the school has paid for itself!  The Technical Edge Seminars teach you what you need to know in terms the average person can understand. 

Want to sign up or learn more?  Don’t hesitate!  Give our helpful sales staff a call at 951.279.6655 and we’d love to answer your questions and get you signed up for the Race Tech Seminars.  You may also check out our website for more info.

Fall 2013 Technical Edge Seminars

Class                                                                               Date(s)

Suspension Theory                                              November 2-3

Shop Skills                                                                  November 4-5

Trackside Testing and Tuning                       November 6

Advanced                                                                   November 7-8


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