Webb Dominates 2013 Kenda Tennessee Knockout Rekluse Equipped

Press Release | August 19, 2013
Ten of the top 15 finishers ride Rekluse.

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Sequatchie, TN (August 18, 2013) – Rekluse rider Cody Webb has won the 3rd annual Kenda Tennessee Knockout event. Webb was able to conquer the difficult course of slippery rocks, wet logs, and steep terrain aboard his Rekluse equipped Beta 300RR.

Renowned as one of the most difficult races of the year, the Kenda Tennessee Knockout event tests and tortures the world’s best riders. Riders that exude superior athleticism and race with the best, most reliable equipment are those that rise above the competition.

2013 KENDA Tennessee Knockout Main Event Results:

10 of the top 15 finishers ride Rekluse

 Cody Webb                Beta – Rekluse

Taylor Robert              Kawasaki

Cory Graffunder          Husqvarna – Rekluse

Max Gerston               Beta – Rekluse

Fabien Planet              Sherco

Kyle Redmond            KTM – Rekluse

Mike Brown                KTM – Rekluse

Nick Fahringer             Husaberg – Rekluse

Jordan Ashburn           Yamaha – Rekluse

Grant Baylor                KTM – Rekluse

Bryan Roper                KTM – Rekluse

Quinn Wentzel             KTM

Loic Leonard               KTM

Wally Palmer               Christini – Rekluse

Zach Love                   KTM

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