Alpinestars 2014 Technical Collection

Andrea Wilson | August 22, 2013
Another one of the sportswear motorcycle riding dual-purpose jackets from the RideOut collection - the Mack jacket.

The Mack jacket, part of Alpinestars new RideOut line which combines stylish sportswear with riding protection.

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, Alpinestars continues its dedication to delivering innovative products for men and women in every category of riding with safety, comfort, and performance in mind.

The 2014 Alpinestars Technical Collection features a wide range of products geared towards anyone from touring’s hardcore road warriors to performance street riding to the casual city rider. In addition to a new women’s full leather suit with the Stella Motegi and the new addition to its all-weather adventure touring line with the Valaparaiso Drystar jacket, Alpinestars has added two new collections with the “Black Shadow” leather jacket line and its new RideOut textile apparel line.

Perhaps what stands out the most is the new RideOut collection because it brings together two things that Alpinestars is known for: Riding protection and stylish sports wear. Designed more for the casual rider not on a long trek, these jackets have functional outdoor capabilities in addition to CE certified shoulder and elbow protection. The protection is removable if you want to just use it for the outdoors. And if you want to upgrade the protection, the jackets all have compartments in the chest and back for Bio Armor chest and back protection accessory upgrades. They all also include reflective detailing for improved visibility.

The RideOut collection is broken up into three areas: Down jackets, three-layer waterproof jackets, and two-layer waterproof jackets. The down jackets are made of an advanced poly-fiber and synthetic wool main shell with performance thermal down insulation designed to keep you nice and warm. They have external pockets with zip and button closures and an internal water-resistant document pocket.

There are four variations of the RideOut Down jackets: the Tyler Down jacket, the Mack jacket, the Stella Cassie and the Stella Francie. The Tyler Down jacket and its female counterpart, the Stella Cassie, are black with gunmetal gray accents and easy detachable hoods. They both are priced at $379.95.  The Mack jacket and the women’s version in the Stella Francie are priced at a lower $269.95, and offer more colorful options, and a hood that is securable in windy conditions. 

Next in the collection are the Lance and the Dusk three-layer jackets. They have a water-resistant outer shell, a removable 130-gram thermal liner jacket, and a mesh liner with the CE certified elbow and shoulder protection. Both are priced at $399.95. The biggest difference between the two jackets besides color and pocket location is that Dusk’s hood is stowable.

Part of the new RideOut Collection  the two-layer waterproof Scion jacket.

Look cool, stay dry and have CE certified elbow and shoulder protection at the same time with the Scion 2 layer jacket.

If you think three-layers are more than you need there’s a two-layered version available known as the Scion. Made up of a water-resistant outer shell and a waterproof and breathable membrane, the Scion comes in four-color variations and is priced at $219.95. The storm hood is detachable and adjustable.

Alpinestars adds another new innovative line to its 2014 technical motorcycle collection and it is called “Black Shadow.” Consisting of three road riding leather jackets that cater to different types of street riders – from performance road riders to the rider just looking for a stylish leather jacket that incorporates high protection microfibers and protection.

The optimized sport riding jacket in the new Black Shadow Collection - the Phantom.

The optimized sport-riding jacket in the new Black Shadow Collection – the Phantom.

The first of the three is the Phantom, which has what Alpinestars refers to as an “optimized sport riding design” with it’s short hump on the back, Aramidic stretch panels on underarms and waist, and reinforced padding for fit. In addition to these features, the Phantom jacket  includes the lines new protection system of dual-density carbon fiber compound sliders for the clavicle, shoulder, and elbow. The Phantom is priced at $799.95.

Similar to the Phantom, but cut more for comfort, is the Hades jacket. While it also has the Aramidic stretch panels on underarms and waist, it does not have the hump on the back and only has the dual-density carbon fiber compound sliders for the clavicle and shoulder. It’s full 80 gram thermal liner makes it come in handy for colder weather and is priced at $699.95.

The Huntsman jacket has a vintage design with its distressed leather. It does not have the new elbow, clavicle and shoulder sliders and is also priced at $699.95.

For those all-weather touring road warriors there’s the lightweight, breathable and a 100 percent waterproof New Land Gore-Tex jacket and pants priced at $599.95 and $469.95, respectively. They also offer the New Land Jacket and Pants in the women’s cut.

Alpinestars new all weather adventure touring jacket - the Valparaiso Drystar jacket.

The Valparaiso Drystar jacket has large zippered air intakes in the front and a large zippered exhaust window in the back to help keep you cool.

Next in line is the all-weather/adventure touring Valparaiso Drystar jacket and pants. The pants are not only waterproof but have an added dimension – breathable Jet Ventilation System (JVS) air intakes. The JVS is made up of large zippered air intakes on the chest and a large zippered rear exhaust window on the back and arms for cooling on long rides. The jacket is priced at $429.95 and matching pants are $369.95.

Alpinestars also added a second women’s full leather suit to its product line with the Stella Motegi. Compared to the Stella Anouk, the Motegi has perforations on the front for cooling and TPR reinforcements in the shoulders. The Stella Motegi is priced at $799.95.

Other new products to help keep you dry are the T-Jaws waterproof textile jacket, the Vega Drystar glove, the Joey waterproof shoe, the Stella Josey waterproof shoe, and the Fastlane and Stella Fastlane waterproof shoe.

There are also some new all-weather riding gloves with the Archer X-Trafit, GT-S X-Trafit, and Equinox X-Trafit.

And for your travels Alpinestars has a few more new options with the 140 Holdall gear bag that lives up to its name and the new Tech Aero tank bag to carry your essentials on your bike.

Alpinestars’ 2014 Technical Collection hits the market at the beginning of September.

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