Husky At Mid-Ohio And In The Pages Of Cycle News

Cycle News Staff | July 3, 2013
  Cycle News timeline highlights Husky display at 2013 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.


The history of Husqvarna motorcycles in the U.S. might only be a fraction of the brand’s total timeline, but it is rich in character nonetheless. Since making an arrival in the U.S. in 1966 at the hand of Edison Dye, Husky had a starring role in the golden age of motorcycling, carrying names such as Malcolm Smith and Torsten Hallman into the history books. At the upcoming AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, attendees will get the chance to take a look back at the events and personalities that turned a brand into a legacy, and the chronicles that turned champions into legends.

Much of Husqvarna’s history in North America is recounted in Cycle News, which got its start right around the same time Husqvarna was making a splash – or more appropriately, a roost – in the American motorcycling scene. Up until recently, the Cycle News archives – dating back to 1965 – sat on a bookshelf as a veritable time capsule of motorcycling history, rarely cracked by anyone outside the present day staff. But the digital age has formally unlocked these archives, which are now online and available for subscription.

“Husqvarna’s history in the U.S. is essentially told in the pages of Cycle News,” said Husqvarna’s Andy Jefferson. “Now that their archives are online, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to dig into these thousands of issues and pull out some of Husky’s defining moments to showcase at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. We’ve gathered a collection of race reports, news clippings, win ads and interviews and created an impressive Husky timeline that will be on display at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.”

The AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring the highlights of Husky’s history, will be held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, July 19-21. For more on the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days featuring the Champions and Riders of Husqvarna, go to