BSB: Lowes And Byrne Split wins At Snetterton

Cycle News Staff | July 7, 2013
Alex Lowes  22  leads Josh Brookes  2   Shane Byrne  67   and James Ellison  27  in race one at Snetterton.

The fierce battle for the championship resumed between the top three in the British Superbike series – Shane Byrne, Josh Brookes, and Alex Lowes – at the Snetterton Circuit today and the hot conditions at the second longest track in the UK made for a good battle that resulted in split wins between Samsung Honda’s Lowes and Solicitor Kawasaki’s Byrne.

In race one Tyco Suzuki’s Brookes led the pack straight away, but Tommy Bridewell had a mechanical issue that drew out the safety car until lap five. When the safety car left, Lowes was ready to strike, passing Byrne and then Brookes on the same lap. The safety car interruption broke Brookes rhythm, but he regained his focus and tried to get within striking distance of Lowes to regain his position. Despite Brookes’ efforts, Lowes would remain unchallenged for the rest of the race to take the win. 

In the meantime a frustrated Byrne showed up to pressure Brookes and the pair crossed the finish line side by side, with Byrne just narrowly losing second to Brookes.

James Ellison followed the championship’s top trio in fourth and Lowes teammate Ryuichi Kiyonari finished in fifth.

Byrne would lead early in race two, with Brookes, Ellison, and James Westmoreland in the lead pack.  However, once again, the race would be plagued by the safety car for three laps as a result of Jon Kirkham’s crash at Williams that took out Robbin Harms. Both walked away from the crash, but Harms suffered a wrist injury in the incident.

Brookes shadowed Byrne but on the 11th lap ran the Australian off at Brundle to avoid contact with the Byrne and lost second place to a lurking Lowes.

Lowes tried to pass Byrne on the final lap, but a determined Byrne held him off, ruining Lowes hopes for the double win at Snetterton. Brookes rounded out the podium in third.

Kiyonari pushed ahead of Westmoreland to finish fourth and Westmoreland rounded out the top five.

American PJ Jacobsen was doing well and moving up the order in the race only to have a spectacular crash with one lap to go in the first race. Jacobsen was unhurt and ready to able to start race two where he finished 11th.

Fellow American Tommy Aquino finished eighth in the British Superstock 1000 class aboard the WD40 Kawasaki.

Race One Results:

1. Alex Lowes (Samsung Honda)

2. Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki)

3. Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)

4. James Ellison (Milwaukee Yamaha)

5. Ryuichi Kiyonari (Samsung Honda)

6. James Westmoreland (Buildbase BMW)

7. Robbin Harms (Doodson Motorsport Honda)

8. Jakub Smrz (Padgetts Honda)

9. Josh Waters (Milwaukee Yamaha)

10. Matteo Baiocco (Rapido Sport Racing Ducati)

Race Two Results:

1. Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)

2. Alex Lowes (Samsung Honda) +0.245s

3. Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) +7.018s

4. Ryuichi Kiyonari (Samsung Honda) +7.868s

5. James Westmoreland (Buildbase BMW) +8.587s

6. Chris Walker (Quattro Plant Bournemouth Kawasaki) +12.961s

7. Josh Waters (Milwaukee Yamaha) +18.218s

8. Dan Linfoot (Lloyds British GBmoto Honda) +21.370s

9. James Ellison (Milwaukee Yamaha) +21.483s

10. Matteo Baiocco (Rapido Sport Racing Ducati) +22.775s

BSB Championship Standings:

1. Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) 207

2. Alex Lowes (Samsung Honda) 175

3. Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) 172

4. James Ellison (Milwaukee Yamaha) 160

5. Ryuichi Kiyonari (Samsung Honda) 83

6. Jon Kirkham (Buildbase BMW) 81

7. James Westmoreland (Buildbase BMW) 77

8. Chris Walker (Quattro Plant Kawasaki) 75

9. PJ Jacobsen (Tyco Suzuki) 52

10. Keith Farmer (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) 50