Riders Go For Gold In Ohio and Idaho ISDE Qualifiers

Cycle News Staff | June 5, 2013
  Ross Neely topped the 2013 Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier. Photography by Ben Beacum.

Ross Neely topped both days at the Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier. Photography by Ben Beacum.

The two U.S. ISDE Qualifier Series rounds – the Little Racoon in Wellston, Ohio, and the Idaho City 100 in Idaho City, Idaho – wrapped up over the past couple of weekends with many riders securing their spot on this year’s U.S. ISDE Team.

In Ohio for the Appalachian Dirt Riders-hosted Little Racoon, ISDE veterans Jimmy Jarrett (Kawasaki) and Ian Blythe (KTM) traded overall wins over the weekend, with Jarrett edging out Blythe on Saturday, and Blythe sneaking ahead of Jarrett on Sunday. However, both riders won their respective classes, Jarrett in E2 and Blythe in E1.

Husaberg rider Johnny Barber will also have the opportunity to travel to Sardinia, Italy, for the ISDE, which is set for September 1-October 5. He finished in the top five overall each day, as did former ISDE U.S. Trophy rider Fred Hoess on his Husqvarna.

Beta rider Justin Sode was also a solid finisher both days.

In the competitive E4 (Senior) class, Jeff Fredette and Scott Bright finished out the first day of competition tied on points with both riders squeaking into the top 10 overall. On day two, Brian Storrie busted out the class win with an eighth-place overall finish. Fredette, this time, edged out Bright by just a few seconds.

Amanda Mastin led the way in the E5 (Womens) class, topping Rachel Qutish.

Out west at the Boise Ridge Riders’ Idaho City 100, Ross Neely dominated the 120 miles of mountain range, sweeping both days of competition in the E2 class.

Josh Knight took top honors in the E1 class. The ISDE veteran won both days with a convincing performance over his E1 opponents.  Jeff O’Leary had the most speed during the first two special tests but finished Saturday in second.

Michael Allen would snatch the second on Sunday in E1, while Sam Buffa remained solid in the third position for the whole weekend.

Alex Dorsey took the number two spot (behind Neely) in E2 on day one, while Vaughn Wilk earned third.  Wilk would slide up a spot on day two, while Keith Curtis broke into third.

Jordan Brandt was the best on the big bikes (E3), winning all but one special test on Saturday. He was the lone Husaberg riding atop a wave of orange. Cory Pincock placed second, narrowly edging out Ryan Kudla.

Kudla climbed to the top on Sunday, while Pincock remained in second and Glenn Scherer grabbed third.

In the E4 class, it was Scott Bright, Mathew Stavish and Paul Krause duking it out in both days of competition. It was an extremely tight battle for first on Sunday. Bright and Stavish finished within 10 points of each.

In E5, Brooke Hodges was on top both days. Theresa Wagenman rode strong and earned second for the weekend. Amanda Maheu finished third Saturday and then had issues following an impressive ride through the grass track on Sunday, resulting in a DNF.

The AMA is currently sorting through all the numbers and has given qualified riders until June 10 to confirm their ability to compete in the ISDE. Shortly after that point, the AMA will officially announce who will be going to Italy.

The six-rider U.S. World Trophy, four-rider Junior World Trophy and three-rider Women’s World Cup Teams will be selected by the AMA ISDE Advisory Committee. The five three-rider U.S. Club teams will be decided based on riders’ performances from Ohio and Idaho. The top two rider in each class (C1, C2 and C3) from Ohio and Idaho will be qualified, while the remaining three spots will by selected by the AMA ISDE Advisory Committee.


By Ben Baucum