Michael Dunlop Saved From Irish Sea

Cycle News Staff | June 10, 2013
  Michael Dunlop rescued at sea after Personal Watercraft incident. Photo courtesy of www.iomtt.com

Michael Dunlop, the man who won four races at the Isle of Man TT last week and finished second in a fifth race, ran into a bit of a problem trying to re-mount a personal watercraft in the Irish Sea on Saturday, according to reports on iomtoday.com.

Dunlop and his friend and sponsor Martin Marlow were rescued from Douglas Bay when they couldn’t get back on their “jet ski.” The “jet ski” was actually a Sea-Doo XP.

“We were offered a go on the Jet Ski by a friend of mine, Norman Osborne,” Marlow told the website. “Michael was driving and we were messing about, half-a-mile or so off Douglas Head, when I lost my grip. I grabbed Michael round the neck and we both fell off the back. We went into the sea, but found that it was difficult to get back onto the Jet Ski without it sinking under our weight.

“We were not wearing life jackets so had to hang onto the Jet Ski. It seemed quite funny for the first 20 minutes, but after an hour we were getting worried.”

When the pair didn’t return, friends sent help.

 “We thought we were goners for a while,” Marlow said. “When we got back to port we got a serious telling off from the Harbor Police.”