MotoGP And Homosexuality?

Andrea Wilson | May 2, 2013

Photography by Gold & Goose
Today’s MotoGP press conference in advance of this weekend’s Grand Prix of Spain was made a little less dull when the subject of questioning strayed from the usual racing and racing politics to a topic that hit mainstream sports media this week after NBA player Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay. Collins is referred to as being the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport.’s David Emmett asked the panel of riders: “Last week Jason Collins, an NBA player, admitted he was homosexual. Now there are no openly homosexual MotoGP riders. I want to hear your thoughts on why that is not the case. Are people afraid of coming out gay or are you just more really interested in women?”

“Sorry David I’m off bounds; I’m nearly married,” Cal Crutchlow answered first. “That’s all I have to say. I don’t know.I don’t think it matters. I think it’s more about racing motorcycles. It’s never came out that anybody is gay. But maybe there are some just hidden in the closet, I don’t know. Maybe I’m sat with one of them I don’t know.”

“For the people who ask me on Twitter or whatever if they are waiting this is the time that they will know I’m not gay,” Jorge Lorenzo said. “I respect gay people. Of course, there is no problem for me.”

Marc Marquez was hesitant to answer at first, but said, “I think it’s not a problem. I have respect for everybody and everybody from a different personality. Not a problem.”

Marlboro Ducati’s Andrea Dovisioso also shared the same sentiment that it would not be a problem. 

“I never thought about that, that some riders can be gay,” Dovisios said. “But I think for everybody it would be not a problem.”

The answer that had the whole room laughing came from German Stefan Bradl.  “Maybe if it makes faster we will think about it,” Bradl said. “But so far don’t have the experience…

“I’m not gay. For sure I respect the guys that are gay – they are also normal person,” he finished more seriously.

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