2014 KTM Two-Stroke Off-Road And Motocrossers: FIRST LOOK

Kit Palmer | May 23, 2013
All of the 2014 KTM two-strokes get redesigned intake reed-valve with Boyesen reeds. pictured 2014 200 XC-W

All of the 2014 KTM two-strokes (200 XC-W pictured here) get redesigned intake reed-valve with Boyesen reeds. 

When the 2014 KTM two-stroke off-road and motocross models show up on your dealer showroom floors next month, you’ll see some noteworthy changes. KTM says their sales of two-stroke off-roaders, and MXers, have been extremely strong and it will continue to devote a lot of its attention on improving the company’s ever-popular two-stroke line, and 2014 is no different.

KTM will again offer a boatload of two-stroke models for 2014: 150 XC, 200 XC-W, 250 XC (and XC-W) and 300 XC (and XC-W) off-roaders, and the 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX motocrossers. They will continue to offer its four minicycle two-stroke models (50 SX Mini, 50 SX, 65 SX and 85 SX), as well.

All of the big-bike two-strokes feature a newly developed intake reed-valve system that now incorporate Boyesen-made reeds, resulting in what KTMs claims is improved throttle response and better durability.

The two-stroke pistons have a new shape and carburetor settings have been revised.

The new big-bore XCs get the latest WP 4CS 4-Chamber closed-cartridge fork. pictured 2014 300 XC

The new big-bore XCs (2014 300 XC pictured here) get the latest WP 4CS 4-Chamber closed-cartridge fork. 

The 250 and 300 two-strokes (SX included) feature a new cylinder head, which KTM says equals more efficient combustion, better response especially under partial load, better power delivery and optimized readability.

Ignition mapping has also been revised, and the 200-300 two-strokes XCs have a stronger 4 Ah (formerly 3 Ah) batteries for improved starting.

Look closely and you’ll also see a new sand-blasted black-colored clutch master cylinder. More importantly, though, is the new front-brake master cylinder that has a new reservoir, lever, and smaller piston diameter, down from 10mm to 9mm. KTM claims there is improved braking action and more braking power. They are also fitted with new brake pads.

The XC models (including the four-strokes) are now fitted with the latest WP 48mm 4CS Closed Cartridge forks with its patented 4-Chamber system, which the Husaberg’s had for 2013. These forks are designed with easy-to-use damping adjustment dials on the top of each fork leg, with compression on the left and rebound on the right.

The SX now has threaded gas tank filler, while the XCs retain the ¼ cap but with improved opening mechanism for quick, GNCC-style pit stops. Fuel capacity for the XCs has been bumped up a bit to 1.98 gallons.

They all also have new seat foam.

The 2014 KTMs are expected to be available in June.

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