Feature: Crucial Corners

Michael Scott | May 22, 2013

What is good Grand Prix racing? Well, we know it when we see it. For example, the undignified jostling contest of one-make Moto2 is knockabout fun, and none the worse for it, but… not quite the same as seeing Casey Stoner hanging out the back wheel over the paint as he demonstrates a new level of physics on a 250-horsepower purebred prototype.

Or is that crazy talk? Is good racing only about bashing fairings and handlebars; barging and shoving?

We have a new MotoGP rider now who can marry the two. Fresh from his Marquez the Merciless days in Moto2, 20-year-old stripling Marc Marquez has brought something with him that doesn’t relate to bike control or whether or not the wheels are in line. An insatiable desire to overtake.

Michael Scott | MotoGP Editor

Scott has been covering MotoGP since long before it was MotoGP. Remember two-strokes? Scott does. He’s also a best-selling author of biographies on the lives of legendary racers such as Wayne Rainey and Barry Sheene.