Editorial: The Good Ol’ Days

Paul Carruthers | May 21, 2013

You’ve been warned: Those of you who have exaggerated a tad about your racing accomplishments in the Pro class at Indian Dunes in 1978 might want to start back-tracking now. That’s because you may just have to prove it to your friends and family in the coming days with the release this week of our Cycle News Archives.

That’s right. Over 2300 back issues of America’s Motorcycle Weekly have been digitized and are now available for the world to see. Which may mean someone just might call bulls#!@ on your claims from ’78. It also means that those of you who didn’t fib might be able to use the Archives to your advantage.

Could there be a better pick-up line at the bar than this one? “Hey, did you know I used to be a Pro motocrosser?” At that point, you whip out your smart phone, pull up issue 26 from 1998 and there you are – with the holeshot. Tell me… who can argue your greatness at that point? Rounds of cocktails abound and you are the toast of the town.

But let’s not get carried away.


Paul Carruthers | Editor

Paul Carruthers took over as the editor of Cycle News in 1993 after serving as associate editor since starting his career at the publication in 1985. Carruthers has covered every facet of the sport in his near-28-year tenure at America's Daily Motorcycle News Source.