2014 Honda CRF250R: FIRST LOOK

Cycle News Staff | May 14, 2013
  2014 Honda CRF250R

The 2014 Honda CRF250R gets a major overall, including a new frame and dual mufflers.

Honda gave us a sneak peak of its 2014 lineup of CRF-R motocrossers and it appears that the CRF250R got all of the attention this time around.

The 2014 CRF250R takes on many of the same type of updates that the CRF450R got last year. It now shares similar graphics and gets an all-new frame and a dual exhaust system, like it had a few years ago. Honda says that the new frame is designed to lower the bike’s center of gravity, as does the dual exhaust system, which also better centralizes the bike’s mass for improved handling.

The motor, Honda says, is “thoroughly revised.” It has a new cylinder head, piston, higher compression ratio and a new dual-timing fuel injection system. As a result, Honda claims that the new CRF250R has added a “big load of midrange punch.”

The transmission has also been beefed up to improve durability.

It doesn’t appear to get the Pneumatic Spring Fork like the 450 received last year.

Speaking of the 450, which got a major overhaul last year, it took on only minor updates for 2014. It has new intake and exhaust ports, Honda’s new Dual-Timing fuel injection and redesigned muffler internals. Honda claims that the new 450 has increased torque output and improved throttle response.

The 450’s “air” fork has “revised internals.”

Honda has not revealed pricing yet, but says that the 2014 CRF250R will be available in September and the 2014 CRF450R a little earlier in August.

Honda is also bringing back the CRF150R and CRF150RB models with little changes.

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