Weidman Taking a Rest

Larry Lawrence | April 24, 2013

AMA Grand National racer Matt Weidman reported on his Facebook page that he will be missing a major portion of this year’s season due to a concussion he suffered in March in Ocala, Florida, one of the pre-season races leading up to Daytona.

Weidman wrote:

I have many great fans and always appreciate your love and support. I wanted to let all of you know that I suffered a pretty good concussion the Tuesday before Daytona and I am still having some symptoms from it. I saw a Sports Neurologist who specializes in dealing with pro athletes and my brain is fine, but needs a rest. I am shooting for returning to Lima, but may be later in the summer. I will be racing a very limited schedule this year. I will miss all of my great fans and hope to see some of you at the races later this summer.

Weidman, the 2008 AMA Flat Track Rookie of the Year, has been a consistent top-10 ranked AMA Grand National rider for the past four seasons. He won a national at the Daytona Short Track in 2012. In spite of racing at the Daytona Short Track this year with the concussion, he still managed to finish sixth and seventh in the doubleheader and is ranked seventh in the series standings.

AMA Pro Flat Track presented by J&P Cycles gets back underway with round three at the Stockton (Calif.) Half-Mile on Saturday, May 11.

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