Saddlemen Releases 2013 Catalog for Metric Applications

Press Release | April 16, 2013

The following is from Saddlemen…

Rancho Dominguez, Calif. – April 16, 2013 – Saddlemen has released its 2013 Catalog for Metric applications. The Catalog features Saddlemen seats, luggage, and accessories for sport bikes, adventure bikes, and metric cruisers.

The 2013 catalog features all of your favorite Saddlemen products as well as a multitude of new additions to the Saddlemen family. In addition to several updated applications for 2012 and 2013 bike models, the catalog covers the new seats, bags and accessories. Saddlemen’s new Adventure Tour seats match utility with long-lasting comfort to make those long adventure bike rides more enjoyable. The recently-released Pet Voyager offers a safe and secure method of travel for riders and their small pet, while the new E-Pak puts a smart phone, GPS unit or other small electronics device right at the rider’s fingertips.

The 2013 Catalog also includes information about Saddlemen’s unique Integrated Design Process, which incorporates several proprietary technologies like shock-absorbing SaddleGel™, Black Magic™ progressive density foam, and SaddleHyde™ elements-resistant covers. These pieces all come together with careful design to ensure that Saddlemen seats not only keep you comfortable on the bike for longer, but also match your bike’s geometry and styling.

A PDF version of this catalog can be viewed by clicking here. Additionally, hard copies may be requested by contacting or by calling 1-800-397-7709.

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