Quinn Cody Checks In From Qatar

| April 24, 2013
  Quinn Cody at the Sealine XC in Qatar

Multi-time Baja champion Quinn Cody (Monster Energy/Speedbrain) is back from a broken femur suffered last November at the SCORE International Baja 1000 and is racing at the FIM World Cross Country Rally World Championships tour’s second round in Qatar. Quinn, who hails from Santa Ynez, California, will send several quick update reports to go with the incredible photographs from the middle of the desert in Qatar, via iPhone, exclusively to Cycle News this week.

Sealine XC, Qatar, Quinn Cody update – Stages 1 & 2

  Quinn Cody at the Sealine XC in Qatar

Day One – “Just took it easy from the start. Just digesting the new bike (the Speedbrain 450), hadn’t been able to put too much time into that. Wasn’t able to figure out the navigation yesterday, so I took my time, ended up getting lost a couple times – but you know I’ve learned a lot. So it was good just to get to the finish and shake the cobwebs out having not raced for five months. That and it was the first time out on the new bike. So yeah, yesterday was just kind of an adjustment day.”

  Quinn Cody at the Sealine XC in Qatar

Day Two – “Started out feeling a lot better. Bike was working really well and I was a lot more comfortable with the navigation and the road book. The road books here are a lot different than the Dakar Rally. At Dakar we’re riding on more roads where here you’re constantly changing directions and finding different cap headings and doing off-track stuff, finding waypoints – really, really difficult navigation. So I felt a lot more comfortable with that today. Navigate perfect all the way to the refueling.

  Quinn Cody at the Sealine XC in Qatar

“My time was pretty good. Hanging in there, felt solid. About 30K after the refueling I ended up getting lost. I got confused on a different track and lost a whole bunch of time there trying to find my way back.

“When I eventually did find my way back to the right course, hit the waypoints and from there just kind of rode it into the finish. Still feeling a little tired, not fully fit after breaking my leg. So I was just kind of taking it slow trying to get back into it. Looking forward to another 400-plus kilometers tomorrow.”



By Quinn Cody