Carruthers Says… Messing With Texas

Paul Carruthers | April 2, 2013

No matter who you side with in the Kevin Schwantz vs. Circuit of The Americas debacle, you have to believe that instead of giving a deposition to lawyers on Wednesday in Austin, Schwantz’ time and resources would be much better spent helping promote the first-ever Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas.

Let’s see… Schwantz is one of six Americans to ever win a 500cc World Championship. And the last time I checked, he was the only one from the Lone Star State. He also lives less than 20 miles down the road from the immaculate new racetrack. But instead of being the face of the race, he’s going to be faceless.

As in not only will Schwantz not be promoting the first-ever GP in Texas, he won’t even be on the premises. Imagine Switzerland without chocolate. Hugh Hefner without a bunny on his arm. Laguna Seca without Kenny Roberts. Las Vegas turning its back on Wayne Newton. It’s the ultimate kiss without a hug.


Paul Carruthers | Editor

Paul Carruthers took over as the editor of Cycle News in 1993 after serving as associate editor since starting his career at the publication in 1985. Carruthers has covered every facet of the sport in his near-28-year tenure at America's Daily Motorcycle News Source.