Carmelo Ezpeleta Served Papers In Austin

Cycle News Staff | April 19, 2013

Photography By Gold & Goose
AUSTIN, TEXAS, APR. 19 – Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta was served papers today while eating breakfast at the Four Seasons in Austin, according to Kevin Schwantz’ attorney Austin Tighe.

In a message sent to Schwantz, Tighe wrote: “I want to let you know that earlier this morning, over what I am told was a delicious Four Seasons’ breakfast, Carmelo Ezpeleta was served with a subpoena to appear for deposition in Austin on May 8 at 9 a.m.”

Earlier today, Schwantz did an interview with Cycle News Grand Prix correspondent Michael Scott…

“It’s my race, and it really hurts me.” So said Schwantz, talking about how he feels about being the most significant absence at this weekend’s first CoTA GP at his hometown of Texas.

Schwantz was a prime mover in getting MotoGP to Texas and in ensuring bike-friendly track design. At one point his 3FourTexas company was to promote the event. Then followed a spectacular falling out, resulting in Schwantz filing a lawsuit against CoTA that is still in progress.

A month ago, Schwantz was at the track helping wild card Blake Young, at the special Honda/Yamaha factory circuit pre-test. He will not risk the same happening again.

“I won’t go, and I’m not going to go,” he said. Instead he will join a viewing party at the Gypsy Lounge in Austin. “There’ll be a bunch of people there. That’s where I choose to watch the race,” he said.

“I feel like – not single-handedly, but I’m probably 99 percent of the reason why MotoGP is here. I helped with the design of the track, from talking with Tilke to walking the ground with Tilke and the FIM, then – between myself and my dear friend Tavo Hellmund, who worked closely with Charley Whiting [F1 race director], and we got FIM and FIA into it and ready to go. As well as going round and round with Carmelo [Ezpeleta]. It’s my race, and it really hurts me.”

Schwantz had been informed by a source close to Dorna that if the circuit requested he be denied access Dorna would cooperate.

“It astonishes me how quickly my Spanish friends, that I’ve known for 25 years, can be influenced by some guys who have big money here in Austin who just basically told lies about me,” Schwantz said.