100% Domination At Amateur Nationals

Press Release | April 9, 2013

The following is from 100%…

100  Dominates Amateur Nationals

The 100% Team dominated the recent Amateur National events held over the last several weeks.  100% riders claimed a record 37 Championships in three events, more than any other goggle brand that lined up at the gate.

While Marvin Musquin was putting 100% goggles on the top podium position at three straight Supercross races, our Amateur team was claiming titles at the Millcreek, Oakhill, and Freestone Nationals.  “Building a solid team at all levels of racing is key to the success of our brand,” stated Team Manager John Kuzo.

The team riders also debuted the new Spring 2013 goggles at the Nationals including the 90’s Galore Accuri goggle and the brand new Purple Main Racecraft.

Congratulations to 100% riders Keith Tucker, Jett Reynolds, Gage Linville, Nick Romano, Ezra Hastings, Ramyller Alves, Mitchell Falk, Michael Sleeter, Gary Harvin, Jon Jon Carver, Brock Papi, Casey Cochran, Ethan Stout, Carson Ledford, Lance Kobusch, Bryce Freeman, and Troy Graffunder on their championship performances, and all of our riders on their recent success!

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