CoTA Responds To Kevin Schwantz

Larry Lawrence | March 20, 2013
Circuit of the Americas
Photo By: Andrea Wilson

Cycle News reached out to Circuit of The America’s today to get their reaction to the allegations brought by former World Champion and Austin resident Kevin Schwantz that CotA’s security force accused him of criminal trespass and warned the he would be arrested the next time he entered the track.

Julie Koenig Loignon, CotA’s Vice President of Public and Community Relations, responded with a brief statement and further replied that because of ongoing litigation she could not elaborate further.

The following is the statement we received:

It is well known that Kevin Schwantz filed suit against Circuit of The Americas last year, and that case is working its way through the legal system. The MotoGP test that was hosted by the Circuit last week was a private event, and open only to participating teams and invited media. Mr. Schwantz was not invited to attend the session by Circuit of The Americas, and as a private property owner, the Circuit determines who has access to its facility.

Mr. Schwantz does not have any relationship with Circuit of The Americas. He is not one of the investors who spent $400 million to design and build the facility.

Finally, Circuit of The Americas is the organization responsible for bringing MotoGP to Texas through its promotional agreement with the commercial rights holder Dorna.

Reaction by the motorcycle racing community has been swift and falls almost entirely in favor of Schwantz. Facebook lit up over the statement by Schwantz and reactions range from boycotting the race to wearing Kevin Schwantz branded gear to the event to show solidarity to the Hall of Famer. – By Staff

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