Racer Gloves USA Named Exclusive NA Distributor For Racer Outdoor GmbH

Press Release | January 23, 2013

“Racer Austria has been producing premium street motorcycle apparel for over 20 years. Our products are well known and respected throughout the world by knowledgeable motorcycle enthusiasts. Racer Austria needed to strengthen its distribution in the top motorcycle market in the world and now we have it, through California-based Racer Gloves USA”, says Racer Austria founder Franz Harrer.

Mr. Harrer added “Lucky for us, we met Lee Block, and after Mr. Block’s visit to our office, we awarded Mr. Block with exclusive distribution rights for Racer products in the North American market. Mr. Block is a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, an Industry veteran and a Moto apparel specialist. He will be a great representative for the Racer brand in the USA.”

Racer produces technical gloves for Road Racing, Sport, Touring and a myriad of inclement-weather gloves for men and women. Racer Gloves USA will focus on Racer Austria’s glove line for 2013 and will make the products available directly through a company website and through authorized dealers.

See www.racerglovesusa.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Racer Gloves USA’s mission is to bring you premium quality products that make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. Let’s ride!

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