New Penalty System For MotoGP Bad Boys

Cycle News Staff | December 20, 2012

The bad boys of the MotoGP World Championship will now be given penalty points if they partake in dangerous and aggressive riding beginning with next season’s racing. The penalty points system will be used in all three classes – MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 – with a varying degree of punishment based on the amount of penalty points earned.

“It has been recognized that there is the need to address the problem of riders who are constantly being warned or penalized for endangering other riders or committing other serious offences like assaulting marshals or other officials,” a release from the FIM stated. “To address this issue a new system of Penalty Points was approved. Race Direction can sanction a rider with a number of Penalty Points between one and 10. This can be instead of or in addition to any other sanction.”

The 1-10 system will be paid on based the severity of the offense. If a rider reaches four points, he will be put on the back of the grid at the next race; a rider who earns seven points will start the next race from pit lane; and a rider accumulating 10 points will be disqualified from participating in the next race.

Once a rider reaches 10 points, his record is cleared and he starts fresh.