U.S. Trials des Nations Teams Announced

Cycle News Staff | August 15, 2012

The AMA announced who will represent the U.S. men’s and women’s teams for the 2012 Trial des Nations, which will be held in Moutier, Switzerland, September 30.

Former AMA MotoTrials National Champion Cody Webb will lead the men’s team, which will be made up of Webb, Bryan Roper, Karl Davis Jr. and Eric Storz. Kip Webb will manage the team, while Martin Belair serve as the delegate to the hosting nation’s FIM affiliate organization.

The Women’s team will be made up of Louise Forsley, Caroline Allen and Rachel Hassler.

“MotoTrials is one of motorcycling’s most enduring disciplines, and its popularity is growing,” said AMA Off-Road Manager Chuck Weir. “Events such as the Trial des Nations play a key role in that popularity by bringing together the best trials riders in the world. It is an honor for AMA racers to compete at this event, and we’re looking forward to a strong showing in Switzerland this September.”

Webb said the bar is high at the Trial des Nations but that the American squad has what it takes to compete.

“The Trial des Nations is a fantastic opportunity for our American riders to compete on a truly international level,” Webb said. “The experience gained from this competition proves invaluable for our riders, helping them improve their skills as well as bringing home new techniques that are shared with other American riders furthering advancement.”

The Trial des Nations began in Europe in 1983. Each competing country fields two teams: a men’s team consisting of four riders and a women’s team consisting of three riders.