Tony Cairoli’s Dominates Matterley Basin Round

Cycle News Staff | August 22, 2012
Tony Cairolis Dominates Matterley Basin Round

Tony Cairoli racked up a perfect race in England on the Matterley Basin circuit. The undisputed leader in world motocross had no adversaries from the very first qualifying heat on Saturday and on Sunday he won both heats, leaving very little room for anyone else. Cairoli is continuing to ride a wave of records. His career successes now stand at 51 and this is his fourth consecutive triumph in four races. It’s an unattainable rhythm for the rest of the competition. As always, throughout his extraordinary enterprises he wears his Sidi Crossfire boots, which have proven to be the number one footwear in motocross and off road, unbeatable on any type of terrain and in any weather conditions.

The British GP thus brought some great satisfaction to Sidi, which saw both of its motocross phenomena triumph in the series: in the women’s field Kiara Fontanesi conquered the World Champion wmx title and among the men Tony Cairoli still hasn’t captured the title but seems intent on doing so. After his KO in Sweden, Cairoli in fact made a powerful comeback to command the championship in the MX1 class, winning seven out of eight heats. And now in the standings he has brought his advantage over his direct rival, Clement Desalle, to more than 55 points.

In the first heat Tony broke out in first place and immediately went far ahead of the group. He managed the race and set the pace from the first lap to the last, keeping a good distance on Ken De Dycker and Maximilian Nagl, who were also both wearing Sidi Crossfire boots, arriving solo across the finish line that saw three Sidi riders in the top three positions. In the second heat Tony was in fourth place at the first curve, but right afterward he passed Bobryshev and Rui Goncalves and during the final lap he also jumped past Nagl. From here he started his second breakaway of the day, which turned into victory in the heat and also the race. It was a perfect race with a perfect victory on a weekend to remember for Sidi and its champions.