The Classics: Broc Glover Crashes Out!

Cycle News Staff | August 31, 2012
Broc Glover crash 1984.

Broc Glover wasn’t known as a crasher so when you find a shot like this one, you send it to him and see what he’s got to say about it. We did just that this week when Kit Palmer found this photo of Glover crashing out of the CMC Golden State Series at Lake Huron in 1984. It was a shot that has never been published and one that Glover had never seen.

This is what Glover had to say about it.

“This was a bad crash for me. It was when RJ [Ricky Johnson] landed on top of me on a double-jump that not many riders were doing and I think there was either a yellow flag or a lapped rider just in front of us that did not jump it. I checked up and RJ did not.

“I messed up my finger on my right hand when I went over the bars and caught it on the front brake lever. I can still hear the distinct sound of the frame and footpeg gouging into my helmet!”