Kenny Roberts Out Of AMA Hall of Fame

Paul Carruthers | July 13, 2012

Yesterday the AMA got word that Dave Despain and Dick Mann had resigned from its Motorcycle Hall of Fame in the wake of the Nobby Clark scandal, today they will get word from two-time AMA Grand National Champion and three-time 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts that he following suit.

“I just got wind of it yesterday when somebody sent me something on Dave Despain resigning,” Roberts said this morning from his home in Hickman, California. “And now I find out that Dick Mann has resigned. I just emailed Chris Carter and asked him where I send my shit back. I don’t get it. If Dick Mann is resigning from the Hall of Fame, I don’t need to be in it. It’s bad that it has to come to this, but what are you going to do. If Nobby [Clark] doesn’t deserve to be in there, nobody does.”

In addition to working with the likes of Jim Redman, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini early in his career, Clark was a mechanic on the Yamaha team that helped lead Roberts to his three 500cc World Championships in 1978, ’79 and ’80.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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